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“No easy road to freedom” was a central theme in most of the Mass Democratic Movement’s campaigns, from the early days through to the late 1980s. Any understanding of present day conditions in South Africa is greatly enhanced by looking at past injustice, the legacy of the struggle and the promise of reconstruction and development initiatives under way at present. Freedom has not come easy. This tour offers a wealth of insight into South African history. It includes a brief educational introduction to Cape Town, one of the world’s most varied and popular cities....

 • District Six, District Six Museum (closed on Sundays)
• Langa (oldest formal township)
• Community school / crèche
• Shebeen (option to taste traditional beer)
• Khayelitsha (largest township)
• Meet township entrepreneurs
• Charismatic church service (Sunday)

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Township Tour Departure/Arrival Standard Private - Dec 2022
1 2 3 4
Half Day8h30/13h7104200210014301180
Children up to 12 years old50%
  • Half Day
    Departure/Arrival : 8h30/13h
    Standard : 710
    Private - Dec 2022 1 : 4200
    Private - Dec 2022 2 : 2100
    Private - Dec 2022 3 : 1430
    Private - Dec 2022 4 : 1180
  • Evening
    Departure/Arrival : 19h/
    Standard : 840
  • Children up to 12 years old
    Standard : 50%
Included Transport with local Driver-Guide, Entrance Fees
Non-included Lunch
Evening traditional dinner with local family included !
  • Included
    Transport with local Driver-Guide, Entrance Fees
  • Non-included
  • Evening
    traditional dinner with local family included !

The Bo-Kaap
A look at the picturesque “Malay Quarter”, a living cultural museum and home to the oldest mosque in the Southern Hemisphere. We discover the unique culture, lifestyle and personality of the Cape Muslim community and their contribution to South Africa’s development.

District Six
As a result of the Group Areas Act, 60 000 Capetonian families were forcibly removed from this once vibrant area between 1966 and 1982. The District Six issue remains crucial. We examine the now desolate area, Zonnebloem, which was District Six and visit the living museum which attempts to represent and recapture District Six in various ways – as a fine-spun tapestry of communal life torn apart but not forgotten.

The Townships and Cape Flats
Seeking racial segregation, apartheid policies disrupted all non-white population groups, distorted both rural and urban development and ensured hopeless overcrowding. Few houses were built. Sprawling satellite camps of seemingly endless shanties – makeshift structures of various materials – provide little more than a roof and some shelter. As we shall see, squatter settlements are seeking their own solutions as an economic necessity. Against all odds, township life prevails, in all its nuances.

A District 6 Museum, Cape Town
B Township Langa
C Township Khayelitsha
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